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Chicago Pardot Consulting:
B2B Marketing Automation

A leader in the market, Pardot is a B2B marketing automation platform by Salesforce. Our team believes in marketing automation and we are here to guide you through your Pardot® implementation.


As certified Chicago Pardot consultants we take your CRM beyond sales with marketing automation leveraging Pardot.

We work with your team to ensure that your technology is aligned with your sales and marketing processes.

We are a different type of Pardot consultant.

With a certified team of Pardot consultants in Chicago, you will have access to all of the right resources. Our Pardot training and consulting services are designed to provide your team with the right implementation and skills needed to have a successful approach to your marketing automation strategy. We have marketing process experts and technical Pardot resources to help your team create ROI and grow revenue.

We have experience with lead nurturing, marketing automation, form creation and handling and lead management. Coupled with our team of Salesforce consultants and experts we provide our clients with a robust team to support our clients entire front-office from marketing automation through the sales process.

Our approach to streamline your marketing automation.

Our approach to implementing your marketing automation system is part of what makes us different. We believe in taking a business first approach to design a blueprint for your implementation and then leverage the technology to support the process. After the implementation we make sure you are trained to be self-sufficient with Pardot by training your administrator.

Analysis & Process Definition

We start with a thorough discovery meeting to understand your existing marketing process and the portion of the process that you would like to automate.

We’ll also review your reporting goals and how marketing will interact with the sales team when handing off marketing qualified leads. This enables our team to provide a right recommendations and technical implementation.

Pardot Configurations

Once we understand your marketing process we will work to configure and implement Pardot. We will setup baseline email templates, automation rules, landing page, forms and drip campaigns, as well as integrate Pardot with Salesforce.  

If you require, our infrastructure services team can configure and setup your CNAME and DNS entries or add the HTML tracking code to your website to help increase the effectiveness of your marketing automation program.

Review and Update

After an initial setup we’ll sit down with your marketing team to review the Pardot configurations to ensure that the automation meets the expectations of your marketing team and make any changes that are necessary.

During the review we will provide recommendations on marketing automation best practices and on how Pardot may be further utilized for your team.

Pardot Training

After the initial set of configurations are completed we provide the necessary Pardot training to help your team have the knowledge and skills necessary to continue to setup automation rules, landing pages, form handlers, and additional email templates. 

Using the initial configurations done during the Pardot implementation and the training your team should have the necessary tools to continue to automate your marketing process moving forward.

Marketing Process Consulting

Many of our clients find that they have the ambition for implementing marketing automation but don’t have the background on marketing automation, marketing best practices or the time to put together a marketing plan.

We have a team of consultants that can help dot the i’s and cross the t’s before you start your implementation of Pardot or after an implementation to create new ideas or find ways to further leverage marketing automation.

Pardot Support

Once you have Pardot implemented we can provide support if you need an administrator to help build additional automation, for additional training or if would like to implement more advanced functionality. Our team supports:

  • Creating additional Landing Pages, Forms or Form Handlers
  • Implementation of CSS and other custom styling
  • Creation of email templates
  • Creation of email lists and automated rules
  • Integration with 3rd party applications
Pardot Consulting and Development

Ready to empower your team and take your marketing automation to the next level?

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