Salesforce IoT Implementation and Support

Leverage the power of Salesforce IoT and drive your digital transformation further by gaining insights from ALL your connected devices.

Salesforce IoTThe SMBHD Salesforce IoT Bundle assists your team with creating action out of insights.
You’ll be able to combine your IoT devices with CRM capabilities, customized to your businesses needs, ultimately reducing administrative work and further enabling your remote workforce to work on more important projects.
Salesforce IoT is the next generation in data-driven organizations using CRM.  Our team will help you configure your IoT signals to anticipate and diagnose issues remotely, trigger cases automatically to determine the problem, and dispatch field service agents immediately.

The question of what IoT (Internet of Things) really is, and why it’s relevant in a business context should be addressed. The Internet has changed industries simply through its power to give you access to data anywhere, anytime. It’s been played out already with security systems, wearables, and countless smart devices that spread across a variety of industries, with a variety of purposes including entertainment, health monitoring, security notification systems, and beyond.


First, we must address the concept of the “thing,” if in fact, the thing can be anything. When a thing is connected to the Internet, it then has the capability to both send and receive information, which elevates it to becoming a “smart thing.” So, the obvious next step is to consider how that benefits the thing in question.

The easiest example is a phone that also serves as a music playing device. No, there may not be endless storage on the phone for every song in the world; but if it’s a smartphone, the phone IS capable of sending and receiving data. Therefore, it potentially has access to every song in the world that is available for streaming online.

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Salesforce IoT