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Generate More ROI with Sales Cloud Consulting

Our Support Team helps create processes, customizations, and unique solutions that generate revenue faster and smarter. Sales Cloud Consulting and SMBHD Support can help your team streamline sales and customer support seamlessly, while scaling with your business.  

Creating simple, unique systems that drive powerful results.

From prospecting all the way through to quotes and contracts, our Sales Cloud Consulting team can help your business customize and enhance processes from many different angles, resulting in a better pipeline.

Our Process

Let’s be real. The sales process is never as simple as those tidy customer journey charts we’ve all seen. And a tool is only as good as the people using it. A trained consultant is crucial to the process of adopting Salesforce successfully. The SMBHD certified team can help define the proper processes from the early stages of prospecting, all the way through to quotes and contracts, with customizations tailored to your unique sales playbook.

Salesforce CPQ

Get expert CPQ consulting for guided selling, pricing approvals, product bundles, and other features that help your sales team better leverage Salesforce.

Salesforce Health Check

Our Salesforce consultants will check the health of your Salesforce systems to be sure you’re realizing your full ROI on the service and encourage better user adoption.

Field Service Lightning

Our team will help to enable your sales and field service teams to collaborate more efficiently and achieve better transparency of your customers’ journey.

Salesforce Development

Our Senior-level consultants and Salesforce Architects will assess the goals of your key stakeholders and help you design a system that helps drive your organization.  

1. Analysis

We work with you to understand your business process and design a plan for your Salesforce implementation.

2. Configure / Develop

With your process in mind we configure and setup Salesforce for your team. All fields, pages and workflows that you’ll need.  After the system is configured, we complete any Salesforce development needed to support your process.

3. Integrate

With your process in mind, we configure and setup Salesforce for your team. All fields, pages and workflows that you’ll need.  After the system is configured, we complete any Salesforce development needed to support your process.

4. Data Migration

We will move your old data from your legacy system to Salesforce, so your team is ready to use Salesforce right away.

5. User Training

We work with your users to complete Salesforce training, so they are up, running and utilizing the system quickly.

Salesforce Integration

Achieve a true view of your customer. Our team can take your legacy systems and integrate them with Salesforce, so your team spends less time switching between platforms, and more time focused on core business. We’ll automate your data transfer using real-time integration or batch integration, making sure every input cell counts.

Salesforce is implemented.  But it doesn’t stop there. Your business evolves and Salesforce needs to evolve with it. The key to success with the Salesforce platform is increasing user adoption and continuing to customize and enhance your experience. 

Our team of Salesforce experts can help you with any needs that you may have with Salesforce.

More Salesforce Services

Service Cloud

Develop and maintain better client relationships, including Salesforce Support across multiple channels, on any device.


Develop custom solutions with the functions of Salesforce to expand upon Salesforce’s ability to resolve business challenges.  

Pardot Consulting

Ensure your technology is aligned with your sales and marketing processes for more effective lead generation and stronger pipelines. 

Salesforce Support

Salesforce evolves and updates, and the key to success is customizing and enhancing your experience as your business scales. 

Client Success Stories

Delivering results EVERY time.



Viracon needed to improve sales productivity and internal transparency on process & individual performance, while securing their data from competitors within a


A one-stop shop to have a 360-degree understanding of their business performance, specifically in the areas of business process and campaign performance.

P31 Fitness

With SMBHD and Salesforce we have built a central system that allows our organization to better support our members and franchise owners. We now have better insight and visibility into almost every aspect of our business that we never had before.

Relaxing Mist

Our customer service and sales team are now aligned on a single system. With SMBHD we have greater insight into our organization and we are able to provide better customer service than we were able to in the past.

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