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Hannover Fairs USA Case Study

The ability to optimize Hannover Fairs USA’s core sales operation tasks created significant productivity and quality gains. Salesforce provided a single platform to manage all interactions between both Map Your Show and QuickBooks.

Hannover Fairs USA was having productivity issues directly related to using disparate systems to coordinate the hosting of major international conferences like Domotex or Intershutz. Specifically, in the areas of coordinating the selling event booths, selling event sponsorships, and coordinating event billing.
Hannover needed an easier way to manage the inventories of both booths and marketing sponsorships for each individual event. Hannover needed a solution that could address the following needs:

  • Integration with Map Your Show, an event and conference management tool.
  • The ability to manage an event’s booth inventory directly in Salesforce.
  • The ability to manage an event’s sponsorship inventory in Salesforce.
  • Integration with QuickBooks accounting software.
  • The ability to configure invoices by billing cycle, purchases, custom conditions, and by event.

Overall, the organization needed a single solution that could integrate and optimize the organization’s event management process from initial purchase to the final paid bill.

In response to these challenges, Hannover Fairs USA partnered with SMBHD to create a highly customized integrated solution providing real-time updates across 3 different platforms (Salesforce, QuickBooks, Map Your Show).

Leveraging Salesforce’s highly scalable Sales Cloud, SMBHD implemented a custom user experience that created the ability to track all of Hannover’s sold/unsold inventory, ensure none of their inventory was sold to more than once (i.e. oversold), and that they could invoice the customer immediately via Hannove’s custom invoicing functionality within Salesforce and integrated with QuickBooks.

“SMBHD is really easy to work with and we are very happy with their commitment to Hannover’s long-term success.”


Implemented a Sales Cloud solution with real-time integration with both Map Your Show and QuickBooks. Sales and sales operations personnel now have a one-stop shop to see everything about a specific event or conference. In a single view, they can easily see what booths are available, what types of sponsorship opportunities exist at each show, and where every show participant is located within a particular event. The result is a fully integrated Salesforce Sales Cloud solution that provides a 360-degree view of every event or conference, real-time inventory analysis, and completely customizable billing.

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