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NDSC Case Study

The ability to provide both self-service and white glove service for their wide range of client needs. Salesforce provided a single platform to manage all interactions between NDSC’s customers and their support team, plus the performance of their self-service portal.

NDSC has historically provided support for their end-users and electronic health record (EHR) partners via email; however, this wasn’t a scalable solution and it was becoming too difficult to manage open support issues. Documentation and release notes were not readily available to customers in a self-service environment.

NDSC needed an easier and more robust way to manage their customer support process to keep up with their high growth; this included:

  • Automating their customer onboarding process.
  • Simplifying the customer’s ability to open, close and track their cases.
  • 24/7 customer access to articles, both self-service support and general knowledge articles.
  • The ability to perform trend analysis on case issue drivers; using this information to improve support and service to clients.
  • Internal resource tracking, so that they could better manage workloads across customer service representatives.

Overall, the organization needed a single solution that could integrated and optimize all the organization’s support processes.
In response to these challenges, NDSC partnered with SMBHD to create a completely unique customer support experience.

Leveraging Salesforce’s highly scalable Community and Service Clouds, SMBHD implemented a custom user interface that provided customers the ability to track all their case history for not only themselves, but for anyone else within the same organization. This included all communication and files associated with a case.

“We share a vision and passion for improving care delivery through innovative technology and common-sense process improvements.”


Implemented a Partner Portal for client self-service with a Knowledgebase in addition to a Service Cloud ticketing system. Implemented a custom New user Sign-on that ensures that only valid business email addresses are used by customers. We also activated Chatter in their Service Cloud for easy real-time communication with customers on open cases and we automated the open and close notifications of customer cases for an improved customer experience.

The result is a fully integrated Sales, Service, and Community platforms (360-degree view). Improved productivity due to less manual effort spent during onboarding. Better customer experience via the ability to self-service on cases and knowledge articles and insight into customer activity within the Community.

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Madison, WI


Healthcare & Life Sciences

Products used


  • Salesforce Platform
  • Self-Registration

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