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Hinsdale Humane Society Case Study

A single system to manage all interactions between humans, animals, and the humane society – a single system for a true 360-degree view of the organization.

Hinsdale Humane Society had a decentralized, disparate group of systems to manage donations, adoptions, and animals, and the organization was in need to a single system to manage a 360degree view of both their B2B and B2C stakeholders and customers.

Being a non-profit the organization needed a solution that couple optimize various areas of their business, including:

  • A solution to track animals and help individuals identify pets for adoption via an online and mobile device.
  • A system that could optimize Grant funding through demonstrative outcomes.
  • A marketing platform that could run targeted promotions to increase both pet adoptions and donations.
  • A solution that could track every interaction between a human, animal and the organization.

Overall, the organization needed a single solution that could integrated and optimize all the organization’s processes.

In response to these challenges, HHS partnered with SMBHD to create a completely unique experience with a mobile solution. A solution that enhances their brand reputation in the community and provides new sources of revenue streams. Most importantly, increased adoption and tracking of un-adopted pets, and created a more communicative and interactive environment and engagement process internally, and with donors and customers.

Leveraging Salesforce’s highly scalable Community Cloud, SMBHD implemented a custom user interface that provided customers the ability to track B2B and B2C customers from initial interest to adoption or donation.

In order to increase adoptions and targeted donations Hinsdale leveraged Pardot to help the organization track customer interactions and interests. For families looking for specific types of animals to adopt the organization now can market to those consumers based on their animal interests, as well as solicit donations following an adoption. Hinsdale is also able to follow-up with adopters with information after an adoption has been finalized.

“SMBHD not only took the time to understand what we wanted to accomplish from our project, but they added input along the way to improve my project.”


With the single-system to manage all stakeholders – human and animal – Hinsdale Humane Society is now able to better meet the organization’s mission:

“Providing innovative care and adoption services for all animals, including those that are harder to place. Educate, advocate and adopt out pets, acting as a voice for animals who depend on people for their care. We nurture the human-animal bond through community outreach and progressive programming, to help ensure the compassionate treatment of all animals.”

The tool allows Hinsdale to work with other Humane Societies and shelters to help place animals, track customer’s who are looking to adopt in order to increase adoptions. The organization can also more effectively reach both businesses and consumers to promote and increase donations for animals.

Hinsdale Humane Society has streamlined their customer experience by having the ability to service customers and donor’s mobility. During their grand opening event for their new facility, the Hinsdale team was able to reach over 100 applicants easily through a straightforward solution. Also, they hosted a Donor event that they were able to quickly take donations on IPADS compared to their previous of using a desktop to service them. This solution has empowered their team to be efficient with quicker responses to their customers and donors.

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Hinsdale, IL


Nonprofit, Animal Adoption

Products used


  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Application Processing
  • Targeted Marketing

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