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InterConnect Wiring Case Study

A self-service platform to allow buyers and suppliers a way to relay critical information about purchase orders and fulfillment.

InterConnect Wiring provided support for their buyers and suppliers via email; however, this wasn’t a scalable solution and it was becoming too difficult to manage and relay information regarding purchase orders and fulfilment status.    

InterConnect needed a centralized and highly secure Customer Communities Portal from which to allow their buyers (internal) and suppliers (external) an easier and more manageable way to relay information regarding purchase orders and fulfilment statusand reduction in email exchange, this included:  

  • Ability to view orders and fulfillment status in Salesforce where Buyers have the ability to place orders 
  • Integrate Salesforce with their ERP system, which holds a source of truth 
  • Ability to notify internal and external users when updates are made, or a response is needed 
  • Ability to view and update Purchase Orders and Purchase Order Line items in a compact and guided modal 

Overall, the organization needed a single solution that could integrate to their existing ERP system and optimize their Purchase Order process and communication.  

In response to these challenges, Interconnect re-engaged with SMBHD to update and add additional features to their current Partner Portal and create a completely unique support experience with a Communities Supplier Portal. 

Leveraging Salesforce’s highly scalable Community Cloud, SMBHD implemented a custom user interface that provides suppliers and buyers the ability to track purchase orders and their updates. 

“The team at SMBHD did great work and we could not have asked for better. They were very patient with a couple of logic issues that needed working out and came up with a solution that we had not considered.”


The project allowed InterConnect to provide buyers a vehicle to communicate with suppliers, thus reducing the number of email exchanges.  It also gave buyer and suppliers the ability to leverage Salesforce to view and update purchase orders and have real-time purchase order and fulfillment status updates.  Buyers gained the ability to communicate and follow-up with suppliers and track these communications withing Salesforce.  

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