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Iowa Interstate Railroad Case Study

Iowa Interstate Railroad Case Study

Implementing the Salesforce Sales Cloud platform has created a spike in Sales Operations productivity, allowing for decreased cycle time when processing new and existing Opportunities.

Iowa Interstate Railroad was having challenges managing their sales operations due to the limitations of their legacy process which was a combination of email, spreadsheets, and word documents. It simply did not scale, had zero transparency, and minimal reporting/metrics. Iowa needed a more robust CRM solution that could handle all their sales operation needs, plus be mobile accessible in the field; and they needed to do it on a small, fixed budget (i.e., QuickStart Project).
Iowa needed a more efficient way to manage their core sales operation processes. Specifically, a solution that could address the following needs:

  • Eliminate the need for spreadsheets to manage core sales operations processes.
  • Data validation to ensure that all the required data was being captured for Account, Contact, and Opportunity.
  • Automated reports and dashboard for both executives and front-line staff.
  • Integration between O365 (Outlook) and Salesforce.
  • Ability to warehouse all their Commodity Codes and leverage as products.

Overall, Iowa needed an easy to learn CRM solution that could both boost sales operations productivity and provide all users access to both ad-hoc and automated reporting/dashboards. In response to these challenges, Iowa partnered with SMBHD to create a highly customized CRM solution leveraging the Salesforce Sales Cloud via a fixed-fee QuickStart project.

For the sales operations team, SMBHD implemented a completely custom application to track all Account, Contact, Opportunity (active sales deals), and Contact information. This included integrating with Microsoft Outlook (O365) and custom reports and dashboards. And this was all done on an exceedingly small fixed-fee budget.

“The ability to use Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce together will certainly be a plus!”


The implementation of the Salesforce Sales Cloud and O365 have created significant productivity gains for Iowa. Sales operations now has more streamlined processes, better data integrity, and proactive process notifications to ensure top notch service to their clients. And everyone in the organization has access to core performance metrics, via public reports and dashboards.

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