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P31 Fitness Case Study

About P31 Fitness

P31 Fitness is a group of Franchises that are about empowering women of all ages to experience freedom mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually through a unique fitness environment. Each organization brings women from different walks of life together to encourage and support them in all areas of health and fitness.

The Challenge: Supporting Individual Franchises with a Central System

P31 Fitness was experiencing significant growth as new franchises were joining the P31 Fitness family and membership was increasing dramatically across existing franchises. Multiple organizational processes were being managed across disparate, unrelated systems. There was no central repository for P31 Fitness corporate to track key franchise, employee (trainer) and membership information – processes that included:

  • New Hire & Trainer Certification
  • Franchise & Territory Management
  • Class Management & Membership Registration

Neither Franchise Owners nor P31 Fitness corporate was able to produce meaningful real-time metrics or reports. Producing class rosters, tracking member participation and communicating with trainers was a time consuming, manual process.

The Solution: Automating and Centralizing the Process

Working with SMBHD P31 Fitness implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud for P31 Fitness corporate users along with Salesforce Partner Communities for Franchise Owners. Leveraging the Salesforce1 Platform SMBHD expanded the use of the system to include online class registration and a mobile-enabled trainer portal.

  • Online registration with PayPal integration allows for member management and tracking of class rosters across all of the P31 Fitness franchises
  • Tracking trainer payroll by class, franchise expenses and franchise royalties gives both franchise owners and P31 Fitness executives real-time metrics into key financial data
  • Improved process for hiring and processing P31 Fitness trainers allowing corporate to effectively communicate with P31 Fitness franchise owners
  • A P31 Fitness Trainer Portal allows trainers to access member data for their classes and track member participation by class in a central system

The Results: A True Centralized System Based on Salesforce

SMBHD configured and customized P31 Fitness’s Salesforce environment to support a centralized corporate system, which allowed the organization to decommission disparate legacy system. Both P31 corporate employees and Franchise Owners are now able to access key membership and financial metrics to help ensure the success of every Franchise – and as a result, help ensure that success of every women that P31 Fitness supports.

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Physical Fitness & Health

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  • PayPal and Salesforce Integration

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