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Proactive or hourly Salesforce Support to optimize your CRM

You’re licensed. You’re implemented. But Salesforce Support doesn’t stop there. We offer hourly Salesforce Support and proactive Premium Support options to optimize your CRM and improve business operations.

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Premium Support: Admin-as-a-Service

By choosing our Premium Support option, we can provide your team with training and customization that goes above and beyond Salesforce’s out-of-the-box features.

There’s no call center. No third parties. 

The same team that supports your Salesforce system will proactively work on your successful implementation and custom development for your organization.

Core Consulting Specialties

Our certified team helps organizations leverage the power of Salesforce Sales Cloud, enhances current processes for a better pipeline, and even develops powerful customizations tailored to your organization’s unique sales playbook.

Cascading layers of emails to get projects completed is a thing of the past. Salesforce Service Cloud, used properly, streamlines conversations and workflows with customers, and keeps everything neatly compiled on a visible timeline so that your team can deliver great service. It works across multiple channels providing dynamic opportunities for better collaboration. The SMBHD team has experience and expertise using this product to its full potential.

Employees can communicate more effectively within workplace interactions (troubleshooting, human resources, and remote workforce collaboration). Management can collaborate more efficiently with partners and external resources. And it works as a channel for customers to locate information and communicate. The SMBHD team has experience guiding teams on how to leverage Community Cloud (include software integrations) to get most out of the service, and make it work for your organizational structure.

More Salesforce Services

Sales Cloud

Identify where Salesforce Support can improve upon efficiency and productivity for your team members and their individual functions.

Service Cloud

Develop and maintain better client relationships, including Salesforce Support across multiple channels, on any device.

Pardot Consulting

Ensure your technology is aligned with your sales and marketing processes for more effective lead generation and stronger pipelines. 


Develop custom solutions with the functions of Salesforce to expand upon Salesforce’s ability to resolve business challenges.  

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