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Graymont Medical Prescription Services Case Study

About Graymont Medical Prescription Management

Graymont Medical is a Joint Commission-accredited healthcare and durable medical equipment provider with a patient-first mindset. Working alongside healthcare facilities and physicians nationwide, quality of care is our top priority. We are always on our game so we can help patients get back to doing the things they love. Whether that means pounding the pavement for a daily run, playing in a tennis league or simply tossing kids in the air, we offer best-in-class orthopedic products specifically designed to optimize recovery times.

The Challenge: Inefficient Inventory, No Global Search Option

  • Patient care coordinators (PCCs) could not easily select inventory items when working on prescriptions.
  • The process of adding the inventory items was inefficient and took quite a bit of time to find the right item. The PCC had to specify which field they wanted to search by – it wasn’t a global search option.
  • When adding inventory items, each item needed to be searched for individuality. Multiple line items could not be searched and added at the same time, which meant that a prescription with multiple line items was tough.

The Solution: A Customized Solution with Global Search Option

  • The product picker solution provided a way for PCCs to easily sort through the inventory items by location, product name, product code, vendor, description, inventory number.
  • The PCC is now able to search for items easily with a global search option.
  • Built with lightning components to further enhance the lightning experience for the Graymont users.
  • Scalable platform allowing line items to be added to other objects in the future.
  • Multiple lines can be added with the same search

The Results: More Efficient and Accurate System

  • Saves time when entering prescriptions
  • Reduces data entry errors

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