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Chomps Case Study

A one-stop shop to have a 360-degree understanding of their business performance, specifically in the areas of business process and campaign performance.

Prior to collaborating with SMBHD, Chomps already had a Salesforce Sales Cloud organization in production, yet the bulk of their organization was not even using the platform. Most people within Chomps were managing their business processes via Gmail and Google Docs Spreadsheets. This user adoption problem resulted in 2+ years of paying for rarely used Salesforce licenses, thus not seeing the desired level of ROI. Also, not having the desired level of transparency with their processes.

Chomps needed a solution that could address several core business needs:

  • Organization-wide user adoption of Salesforce.
  • Implementing a centralized and transparent CRM solution that allowed team members to see real-time performance in their ecosystem.
  • Improvement in both the tracking of promotions, but also on the ROI of their promotional campaigns. They needed to be able to quickly identify both strong and poor performing campaigns.

Overall, Chomps needed a complete revamp of how they both collected data and reported on Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Leads, and Campaigns.

In response to these challenges, Chomps approached SMB with the goal of a reimplementing their Salesforce Sales Cloud via a Quick Start project. A Quick Start is a cost-effective, quick turnaround, high impact project. SMBHD was able to complete this Quick Start in only 5 weeks (i.e. from Project Initiation -> Go-Live).
Leveraging Salesforce’s highly scalable Sales Cloud allowed Chomps to not only centralize their Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, and Campaigns data; it created the ability to easily track activity surrounding these same individual records. It also made it easy to collaborate on these same records via Chatter. Chatter is a native Salesforce messaging tool that takes conversations out of email and texts and stores them where they should live; within the actual Lead, Campaign, Opportunity, etc. It also allows these conversation to be stored chronologically within the record.

“SMBHD was incredible to work with.  They guided our team from the start to finish, and were able to quickly step in, provide guidance, and set a plan to get Salesforce working for us!”


On top of having real-time insight into their business processes and business performance, Chomps now can integrate with targeted 3rd party tools that will help expand marketing capabilities and improve marketing performance. Chomps has an opportunity to improve business performance of their campaigns as they can now map campaigns to conversion (Leads and Sales).

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