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Crane Case Study

About Crane USA

Crane USA believes in design for a better living. Since the company was established in 2005 Crane USA has taken the lead in putting the “fun” into cool mist humidifiers, air purifiers and space heating by providing their customers a functional and efficient product while appreciating the elegance of design. Crane USA is a step ahead of the crowd by providing a commitment to unique design and an unwavering commitment to quality.

The Challenge: Providing Exceptional Service with an Outdated CRM

Having used Goldmine for a number of years Crane USA was struggling to provide the unprecedented customer service it had always provided. The existing CRM system was outdated and only provided a sales view of the organization’s B2B business. Crane USA needed a single system that would support both the sales and customer service organizations, integrate with 3rd party shipping companies and provide a true 360-degree view of each customer and the business. Further, support was needed to track consumer purchases and returns, product registrations and web-to-case creation.

The Solution: Sales and Service in a Single System

Using a mix of Salesforce Sales Cloud® and Service Cloud® licenses Crane USA was able to implement a single system that fully supported all aspects of its customers – B2B Sales, B2C Sales and B2C Customer Service.

  • A centralized customer service system with a simple user interface for customer service agents
  • A consumer focus with website integration that allows consumers to register product purchases, chat with an agent live and open cases from
  • Quickbooks integration synced all products and consumer orders increasing the efficiency of customer service
  • Case management that links to registered products
  • UPS and USPS integration with Salesforce® to automatically update orders in Salesforce® and print shipping labels

The Results: Exceptional Customer Service

Working with SMBHD, Crane USA has:

  • Improved the customer experience with efficient, seamless customer service supported by a single system.
  • Has realized a 40% improvement in customer service efficiency, and increased communication and visibility between sales and service.

As Crane USA continues to grow they are working with SMBHD to further expand the functionality of Salesforce®.

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Bensenville, Illinois


Consumer Packaged Goods

Products used


  • Quickbooks Integration with Autofy
  • UPS and USPS with ZenKraft
  • Olark Live Chat Integration

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