SMBHD Salesforce Services and Support

As quickly as technology evolves, business evolves.

That’s why the key to success with the Salesforce platform is being able to adapt the technology and Salesforce Services and Support you receive, to the changing needs of a growing business. Even with a full-time Salesforce administrator, it’s rare that a single hire has the breadth of knowledge and expertise to handle the Support, development, and administrative needs of a scaling business. That’s where SMBHD comes in.
With our flexible Support model, from licensing and implementation to custom development, we can tailor the services and Support to whatever it is that your business needs as you grow. What’s more, rather than only working with the availability and experience of a single Salesforce admin, with SMBHD, you have access to the knowledge, Support, and experience of our entire team of analysts, developers and architects.
After licensing and implementation and getting the end users at your organization used to the software and it’s uses, your Support will change. While for a month or two you may need Support from our Custom development team, the next month you may need other things. It just depends on where you are in your organization’s growth.
Between Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Custom Development, Salesforce IoT, Pardot Consulting, and even solutions for Project Management, Time and Resource Management, and Financial Solutions, we’re happy to meet you where you’re at, and strategically work with your team to create the best possible solutions to help you take full advantage of the power of Salesforce.
Above all else, SMBHD is a business-first technology solutions provider.
Contact us today to learn more about our services, and we’ll be happy to be your business partners in technology.
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