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Custom Development

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to Salesforce Custom Development. We will create customizations to design a more immersive experience, tailored to your business’s unique needs.

Our development team offers countless opportunities to make Salesforce a seamless part of your daily operations.

Salesforce Custom Development

Customize your experience with Salesforce Custom App Cloud

While the out-of-box features of Salesforce are vast, the SMBHD team has the APEX and Visualforce development expertise needed to take what Salesforce offers, and expand upon it for custom objects, integrations, custom applications unique to your business, and more.

Mobile Development

Everything that works on your desktop should work on your mobile devices. Extend your Salesforce system to enable customizations to work the way that your team works, whether they’re at a desk or in the field.

The SMBHD Salesforce Custom Development team has experience developing Lightning-enabled components and Visualforce to extend the Salesforce Platform on mobile tablets and phones.

Mobile Development

Code that you can count on

Our team has the experience and knowledge to extend the Salesforce user interface via the development of the Salesforce Lightning Component Framework. Develop custom components that can be leveraged anywhere in the Lightning App Builder that enable your users to experience a supercharged user interface
.Customize your Salesforce system and turbocharge your business logic with a certified team of Salesforce engineers that have experience in multiple frameworks. Leverage the power of the Apex language to automate your system
If your team hasn’t migrated to the Salesforce Lightning Platform fully, our team has the experience to help you extend the Salesforce user interface, leveraging Visualforce and a wide range of other client-side interfaces to give your customers an exceptional experience.
Integrate Salesforce with legacy systems from QuickBooks to SAP to Oracle. We have the experience you need to leverage any middleware tool or develop specialized, real-time integrations leveraging the comprehensive suite of REST and SOAP APIs from Salesforce

More Salesforce Services

Sales Cloud

Identify where Salesforce Support can improve upon efficiency and productivity for your team members and their individual functions.

Service Cloud

Develop and maintain better client relationships, including Salesforce Support across multiple channels, on any device.

Pardot Consulting

Ensure your technology is aligned with your sales and marketing processes for more effective lead generation and stronger pipelines. 

Salesforce Support

Salesforce evolves and updates, and the key to success is customizing and enhancing your experience as your business scales. 

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