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RoadSafe Traffic Systems Business Transformation Case Study

About RoadSafe Traffic Systems, Inc.

RoadSafe Traffic Systems, Inc. is the nation’s largest provider of traffic control and pavement marking services. They also distribute high quality, innovative and durable traffic safety products and personal protective equipment. Their slogan, “Life on the Road,” is about their dedication to work zone safety and their goal is to protect the motoring public, pedestrians, and workers.

The Challenge: Supporting Individual Franchises with a Central System

  • Sales users could not proactively manage their accounts and opportunities
  • Sales management was not able to view the entire opportunity pipeline
  • Inconsistent quoting practices across the sales users
  • Leadership isn’t able to see where the team is winning/losing opportunities
  • Contacts reside within each sales person’s Outlook
  • Lack of visibility into activities completed by the sales team

The Solution: Automating and Centralizing the Process

  • Core Sales Cloud implementation to track the life cycle of a customer from lead to opportunity to quote
  • Opportunities with Products allows the RoadSafe team to manage their pipeline effectively as well as create consistent detailed quotes across the entire sales team
  • Targeted reporting and dashboards provides visibility to leadership on the forecast as well as the win ratio to dig deeper into why deals are won or lost
  • Automating activities holds the sales team accountable to complete specific actions during certain stages of the sales cycle
  • Scalable solution preparing for additional phases and integrations of the other RoadSafe systems

The Results: A True Centralized System Based on Salesforce

  • Increased collaboration across the sales team in regards to account management
  • Sales management is able to view the entire pipeline and visualize the data in a variety of ways
  • Quoting is now standardized across the entire sales team
  • Contacts reside within Salesforce at the Account instead of just in Outlook
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