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Food Beverage Dispensers Case Study

About Food Beverage Dispensers

Food Beverage Dispensers is the manufacturer of the industry’s most profitable frozen beverage dispensers. Their clients include Taco Bell, Burger King, ICEE, QuikTrip, and many other convenience store chains. Their patented OptiPour™, RapidFreeze™ and OptiFreeze™ technologies ensure the highest dispenser quality and product consistency.

The Challenge: Complex, Disparate Technologies

  • Complex sales process and cycle with multiple parties influencing a deal: End customer, distributors, syrup providers, etc.
  • Lack of opportunity management by individuals on the sales team.
  • Moving sales team from order takers to managers of complex sales opportunities and long sales cycles.
  • Manual outdated process for tracking opportunities, potential sales using outlook, spreadsheets, outdated CRM, etc.
  • Inability to track lead follow-up and tie marketing activities to leads and revenue.
  • Manual forecast process to track sales in units had become time consuming and outdated
  • Executives need for visibility into Sales Managers daily activities to track efficiency
  • Sales Mangers needing assistance to identify most profitable opportunities to prioritize work efforts
  • Lack of visibility into prospect account influencers
  • Complex hierarchy of Corporation, Franchisee and Franchise Owner
  • Need to standard process to determine the best Go-To Market strategy for each prospect
  • In need of a mobile solution that allows Sales Managers to update opportunity progress, view Sales history, and log field activity on the go

The Solution: A Customized, Single System

  • Customization of the Salesforce platform to categorize and track prospects data
  • Activation of Customizable Forecasting to track forecasts down to the units per month per customer
  • Building out of custom objects to contain actual sales data and determine influencers
  • Sales process configuration and comprehensive Dashboards and Reporting to track sales forecast, and actual sales data
  • Customization of activity tracking and Reporting
  • Classification of accounts by importance and provided visibility to customers last contact date
  • Customization of the Opportunity process to allow the tracking of multiple account influencers
  • Utilization of the Account Hierarchy for Food Beverage Dispensers
  • Customization of the Salesforce Opportunity process to include Go-To Market factors
  • Configuration of the Salesforce Mobile Platform

The Results:  Better Continuity, Visibility, and Accuracy

  • Greater visibility to real time Sales data: Opportunity Management, Team Member Activities, Marketing Activities tied to Leads and Revenue, Forecasting, and Sales Manager activities
  • Sales Managers spending more time with higher priority customers and working new prospects
  • More accurate and real time forecasting of units for better production planning.
  • Visibility into the life time value of various account influencers
  • Visible relationships between the Corporation, Franchisee and Franchise Owners.
  • The right Go-To Market Strategy for each customer identified leading to higher closure rates
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