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SSI Case Study

System Support & Integration (SSI) needed a more robust Field Service solution to address shortcomings with their existing system, and improve the scheduling process, communicating with clients, and tracking operational and financial KPIs. Many of the organization’s processes required manual intervention that decreased productivity and prevented leadership from accurately reporting and communicating with their customers.

SSI needed to centralize their field service operations, automate communication with all the various parties involved in their projects, and schedule ongoing maintenance more efficiently. Further, SSI identified that the organization was not effectively collecting end-user information and subsequently not consistently managing opportunities for post-implementation support with these end-users.

SSI needed a system that could manage the entire customer lifecycle from sales to project implementation to service:

  • Centralized Account and Contact management
  • A system to track all the parties involved in a job, including End-Users, Contractors, Technicians, and other supporting roles
  • Appointment scheduling for implementation and support
  • Real-time notifications of appointments and schedule changes to end-users and contractors
  • Consistent field service reporting and automated report distribution
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Billing automation
  • KPI generation for Sales, Service and Financials

“Field Service Lightning has given us a new level efficiency, Google Suite Integration and we have continued to work with the SMBHD team to fine tune and expand on the Salesforce Platform.”
– Andrew Porter, Team Lead, System Support & Integration

A single solution to help manage the entire customer lifecycle and field service team from customer acquisition, project implementation, and ongoing maintenance and support.

Overall, SSI needed a single solution that could optimize the organization’s entire sales, implementation, and support processes in one system. A system that would allow the processes to flow from one stage to the next with automated notifications and updates to increase the efficiency of the team and make sure that every role related to a project and job was properly communicated to at the right times.

In response to these challenges, SSI partnered with SMBHD to implement Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) with Appointment Assistant and Salesforce Sales Cloud for post implementation sales.

Leveraging FSL, SMBHD implemented the ability for SSI to schedule a variety of types of technician work including project implementation, regular maintenance, and break/fix support. With the FSL scheduling engine SSI was able to ensure that the right resources were scheduled for the right work – based on location, other scheduled work, and skill management. The system was further configured to send both email and SMS text notifications to clients when appointments were scheduled, as well as reminders of upcoming appointments helping to minimize last-minute appointment rescheduling.

Post project implementation, the system automatically generates invoices for work and sends the invoice to the appropriate bill-to and the SSI Accounting team. The system also automatically generates an Opportunity for on-going support work to help maximize SSI’s ability for ongoing maintenance and support work. After the customer signs for ongoing maintenance, SSI leverages the FSL service contracts to automatically generate and schedule future maintenance jobs.

In addition to core field service scheduling, the system also has elements that track time, actuals, and costs, to provide leadership the ability to track ROI and profitability in Salesforce by job, resource, and client.


SSI now has a single system that helps manage the scheduling of their technicians based on having the right resources completing the right work. In the field the technicians can leverage FSL Mobile to enter specific job and client data, as well as track the work that was completed on projects, and the time necessary to complete each project. Further, the system has increased the efficiency and accuracy of appointments as a result of Salesforce’s declarative automations and Appointment Assistant.

With Salesforce, the SSI team has also increased recurring maintenance sales with Salesforce Sales Cloud, and by leveraging Service Contracts within FSL, SSI is able to ensure that ongoing maintenance is performed on time and accurately. The leadership team at SSI is now able to pull accurate project financial reports and make more educated decisions related to billing and planning.

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Chicago, IL


Construction, Consulting

Products used

System Support & Integration (SSI)
provides contractors and end-users
with experts to perform factory certified startup, programming,
troubleshooting, and ongoing
maintenance of lighting, audio-visual,
and building automation control
systems. Formed in 2008, SSI has
expanded to be one of the largest
lightning control support companies in
the Midwest

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