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adopting your crm software

Adopting your CRM Software

adopting your crm software Adopting your CRM software: Five (Preventable) Reasons Your Team Stalled

One – Focusing your launch on the wrong thing

There is nothing quite so useless as doing, with great efficiency, that which should not de done at all – Peter Drucker, Author

  • Make a launch plan and keep it simple
  • Keep it very specific and start with the basics
  • Focus on 2-4 things that you are going to roll out that will get your team working in the platform and feel comfortable iterating
  • Don’t get distracted by “big shiny objects”
  • Roll out incrementally

Two – Not enough data, not the right data, or messy data causes problems when adopting your CRM software

  • Connect the right data for the right reasons
  • Define what data you need to achieve the outcomes you are driving
  • Make sure you actually have access to that data as you need it – fi you don’t fix it!
  • Update your workflows or procedures to support the automated collection of all (or most) of your data

Three – No plan for changing the team’s behavior

There are two things people hate:  Change and the way things are, in that order.

  • Change-manage your team
  • Actively participate in your team’s adoption of the platform
  • Training isn’t enough!
  • Use data-integrity exercises and measurable processes to drive usage
  • Provide lots of support, set specific goals and hold the team to them

Four – Everything is too manual!

  • Automate things that should be automated
  • Drive the behavior you want with meaningful manual components
  • Everything else that can be automated, should be (the right Support Partner can help you with this)

Five – No one to act as a (high functioning) Administrator

  • Never underestimate the value of an Admin
  • This isn’t set-it-and-forget-it
  • Maintain software as it is a person
  • Have a strategic process designer and a tactical technology owner – if these can be the same person, even better
  • Invest in training and ensure time for maintenance and development

With the right Salesforce Support Partner, adopting your CRM software can be done easily with little to no disruption in your operational processes. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

-Mara Leal, Project Manager

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