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Benefits of Using Salesforce Maps

salesforce maps Salesforce Maps

Formerly known as MapAnything, Salesforce Maps is a unique location intelligence software that plots data on a map for field sales and service reps to visualize and more. Maps is an app located in the App Launcher (of your Saleforce org). All of your Salesforce data is seamlessly integrated with Maps. Maps takes any data you have in your company’s Salesforce instance and plots it on a map. Users can create Accounts, Leads and other records from the Click2Create feature. Salesforce Maps can be utilized most by Field Sales reps and Field Service reps.

Sales Management

Maps can help your sales team increase Lead generation. A salesperson can spend more time with a customer and less time doing administrative related tasks. You can plan a route using a route optimization feature and make sure each moment in the field is spent efficiently. If a Prospect or customer cancels on you last minute, Salesforce Maps can also plan the next appointment on your schedule with the closest route. A user can easily create a Lead or an Account from the Click2Create feature. A new Lead or Account will appear in your Salesforce tab (object), list view (s), and reports. It also includes Live Tracking. You can have a live feed of where your assets are at all times.

Field Service Solutions

With Maps you can easily increase CSAT (customer satisfaction). You’ll know when a rep in the field will be arriving at a customer’s location. You can also let the customer know from email or text that the rep is on its way and that can be logged in your Salesforce instance. If you work in a team environment Maps is a great fit for you. Maps lets team members easily check in and out of appointments, schedule multi-day routes (in advance or on the fly) directly from their mobile devices. Another great feature a field rep can use the Live Tracking software. Live Tracking is a real time asset tracking platform. You will know where your team members are and can reassign them based on where they are.

While on the Map you can use make updates or create records from a ToolTip. You can plan your day out in advance and schedule customer visits and have them appear on your calendar. Overall, if you have reps in the field working in sales or servicing customers, Maps is excellent for you.

– Hussain Shaikh, Sr. Analyst

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