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Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

salesforce marketing cloud Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a marketer’s dream

According to, 64% of consumer and business buyers say companies need cutting-edge digital experiences to keep their businesses. Salesforce Marketing Cloud has a robust set of features that can help automate marketing to clients and prospects. With Marketing Cloud, companies can keep a steady and strong presence in many social media outlets. Marketing Cloud also allows its users to produce ad campaigns and marketing material. Depending on your marketing needs, Marketing Cloud can help provide the solution for your company. The features below are just to name a few.

Create a personalized journey for your customer

A great feature Marketing Cloud offers is the Journey Builder. It allows a business to create a personalized journey for a customer each step of the way. In order to build a journey, gather data on your customer (through what they’ve entered) and you’ll know them through that data. You gather this data by seeing which channels customers use to browse, purchase history, and patterns of behaviors. From that information you can send them personalized messages through social media, text, or email. You can also involve all departments in your company, so everyone is on the same page with where this customer is at throughout their journey with you.

Build great customer experiences

Another feature Marketing Cloud provides is Audience Studio. Audience Studio helps businesses build great customer experiences across multiple channels from data you capture from your customers. Audience Studio will bring together data from different sources into one system so your company can provide a personalized message to the customer. You can also use Artificial Intelligence to target new groups of people to market your products and services to. With Audience Studio you can capture data at certain times and get a precise message to influence your customer.

Send customers texts and email campaigns

Mobile Studio is another feature that personalizes your customer’s experience. You can build custom templates to send text messages to your customers and email campaigns. A great feature within the Mobile Studio is Marketing Cloud. It gives its users the ability to send phone alerts, new deals your company may have going on during a certain season, and discounts you may offer. These features can all increase purchasing power and raise the usage of your applications. You can also capture behaviors, and certain preferences of people who visit your app and gear marketing campaigns against that information.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is just one of the many software programs out there to help your business reach new and existing customers. Although there are many, none of them compare to Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It offers its users a wide variety of features to help your business deliver the best solution you need. Marketing Cloud tracks the journey of your customer from beginning to end, capturing behaviors during that process. From the information captured during the customer’s journey, Marketing Cloud can help you get the right information to that person to increase their purchasing which ultimately positively impacts your bottom line.

With the right Support Partner, implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud can be a simple and easy process.

-Hussain Shaikh, Sr. Analyst

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