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salesforce and pardot

Salesforce and Pardot for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

salesforce and pardot Salesforce and Pardot are powerful tools to manage your sales pipeline.

Salesforce has changed the way your team interacts with your clients – from your accounts, all the way through your opportunities and orders. It gives them all the information they need at their fingertips.  Salesforce and Pardot have become ubiquitous with the modern selling process.  The platform can currently integrate with your website and track your incoming leads. It is important to engage immediately and consistently with your prospects in today’s modern selling environment. That way you’re giving them as much relevant information as possible to help them along in their buying journey.

Pardot was created to fill the need between the first time a potential client interacts with your website, through the entire client education process.

The Pardot platform can be used both with your prospective clients as well as your current clients.

This powerful marketing platform can be used to automate your interactions with your prospective and future clients. It keeps them engaged throughout the sales cycle.  We can easily differentiate your current customers and potential clients into separate targeted groups through the use of segmentation.  Once grouped appropriately, the platform can easily deliver your prospects relevant information to positively affect their buying decisions.  Automated marketing is all about informing your clients and engaging with them consistently. This is accomplished by delivering necessary information in a timely manner.

Pardot has many tools in its arsenal to help the small and medium business owner better connect with their audience.  Automation, segmentation, dynamic content, drip programs, and reporting are just some of the tools that the Pardot platform provides.  It’s an immersive marketing tool with all the bells and whistles, but is designed by marketers, for marketers.  The User can easily navigate the platform to maximize the impact of your company’s communication with your potential clients.

Engagement studio is the newest addition to the Pardot platform.

Engagement studio allows your marketing team to automate emails.  Your team’s custom content will walk your current and future clients through their unique marketing journey.  The marketing journey is comprised of consistent interactions and calls to action that guide your prospective client through the marketing qualification process.  Engagement studio is a visual map of how the Pardot platform (and your team) interacts with your prospects.  Pardot allows for multiple drip campaigns to be running simultaneously while minimizing the overlap between campaigns.  Engagement studio allows your marketing team to create a unique marketing journey that specifically cues your sales team, off the actions of your clients.  Pardot can track whether your clients have interacted with your emails and make decisions based on how your prospects choose to progress through their marketing journey.

Salesforce and Pardot were created side-by-side to ensure that they can be fully integrated.  The information your sales team and tools like have been gathering can be used in the Pardot platform. They help to segment your client base into smaller subsets to better tailor their experience.  A new prospect needs different information and attention than that of a client who has been loyal for ten years.  Your team can create separate campaigns that educate and incentivize your prospects, to keep your company competitive in the market.

The benefits to a small business of combining the Pardot platform and the platform are endless.  The combination of the two platforms allows your team to spend less time marketing through the automation tools, while interacting and educating your clients more frequently.  A personalized digital marketing experience allows your team to deliver the desired content when it is needed.  The personalized content that the Pardot platform delivers allows your prospects to engage and interact with your team and guiding themselves through their marketing journey.

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