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salesforce1 mobile app

Salesforce1 Mobile App

salesforce1 mobile app Salesforce1 Mobile App

Salesforce has made it even easier for users to capture data and access existing data on the go. Salesforce1 Mobile App is built and it also operates on the Salesforce platform. You can basically perform the same functions you would on the desktop on your mobile device. Salesforce1 is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices. Salesforce also gives users the ability to customize the Salesforce user interface by creating compact page layouts. You can capture important information, close deals faster, and view reports and dashboards all from Salesforce 1.

I’ve listed some great feature below that are informative and can help any user or organization get the most out of Salesforce1 mobile app.

Customization catered to your business

When you customize things, you have them exactly the way you want when you need it. With Salesforce1,  you can have a customized mobile app on your iphone, ipad, tablet, and Android device whenever you want it. You can create data and make updates to existing data from anywhere. When you customize Salesforce1 you get to make it look the way you want. You can use standard out-of-the-box features or even download additional features from the Appexchange. Choose your own colors, logo, and custom fields to have in your very own app.

Close deals quicker

When sales team members are out in the field it can be hard to access information on where you stand in the sales process. With Salesforce1, you can cut out the back-and-forth of calling someone at the office to check in for you on a deal. You have all the important information on any Opportunity or Lead right at your fingertips. Not only do you know where you are in the sales process, but you also have the customer’s information in Salesforce1. You can see every contact made with a customer at any given time.

Access any app

If you have apps that integrate with your Salesforce instance, or any Salesforce products such as Field Service Lightning, or Commerce Cloud you can access them from a mobile app as well. Salesforce1 mobile is your Salesforce CRM’s data on a mobile app. Salesforce does a great job at helping companies scale. For every type of user (field service rep, sales team member, or even a CEO), there’s an app or a feature in Salesforce1 that can help that user.

People are customers, vendors, and end users. The trend for a couple years now has been leaning into mobile, and probably will continue for years going forward. Salesforce allows you to be more productive with Salesforce1 and mobile apps of their other products.

With the right Support Partner, implementing Salesforce1 Mobile App can be a simple and easy process.

-Hussain Shaikh, Sr. Analyst

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